With Premier Publishing, you can make sure your publications stays on the front page of the Comic Catalog website. Making your books one of the first publications readers will see.
It works just like advertising, except instead of seeing an ad banner that most visitors ignore nowadays, or have ad blockers installed on their browsers, readers will see the cover to your books. Along with descriptions and credits and where to get them. Making it more interesting and more enjoyable to find out what your comics are all about.
And the best thing is, you are not limited to just one publication. You can submit as many publications as you want, as long as it remains under your own publisher's name.
So take advantage of a great way to promote your comics.
Simply choose how long you would like to promote your comics from the drop down menu below, and make the payment. Once your payment is completed, we'll send you a welcome email and some easy instructions on how you can submit your books anytime you want within the promotional length you've chosen. Then we'll promote your books on the front page of Comic Catalog and on our social media platforms.
So let us help promote your publications with Comic Catalog.

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Premier Publishing is paid through Paypal  and payable in association to Paperback Jack Books.
BEST DEAL - 365 days of your comics on the front page of Comic Catalog for only $12.00. That's only $1.00 dollar a month for a whole year of advertisement. AWESOME!